Following the season’s first sharp frosts, Police are warning drivers of the risk of cars being spirited away.

Police say “Thieves look out for unattended cars being defrosted with the engine left running”

Research has shown that two-fifths (40%) of drivers let their car’s engine clear icy screens before they drive off.  But they are at serious risk of losing their car if they pop back indoors and leave the engine running, even for a moment.

To car thieves, frosty mornings are a Christmas gift

Police say “Keys are the weakest link in the car security chain and organised criminals are known to cruise suburbs looking for the telltale plume of steam rising from an exhaust and if the car is unattended, it takes only a few seconds for it to vanish.”

Unfortunately, car owners will also get a cold reception from their insurance company as loss by leaving keys in an unattended vehicle is specifically excluded from motor insurance policies.

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